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Tikal’s Enterprise Asterisk – What Does It Mean?

Tikal Network's ™ Crystal IP-PBX, a mission critical enterprise solution

Tikal Network's ™ Crystal IP-PBX, a mission critical enterprise solution

Asterisk™ as a IP-PBX and telephony platform covers a wide range of uses. From small offices with a few extensions to companies with many locations and thousands of extensions. Asterisk™’s wide coverage gives rise to specialization in many areas. Tikal Networks™ specializes in enterprise deployments. Entry point for standard off-the-shelf PBX is 100 extensions. For call centers it is 20 agent positions. Enterprise Asterisk installations require focus on mission critical elements: high availability, complete reliability, advanced management features, scalability on any feature, integration with legacy systems and most crucially support no matter what is needed.

With enterprise level products come also critical issues such as cost, professional skill level of related systems and enterprise level planning and deployment. Large mission critical operations need to be planned, installed and run on a professional level. This includes technical resources (headcount, experienced technicians) and the ability of business managers to define and manage system installation. Tikal Networks brings many years and hundreds of enterprise installation experience. To an enterprise call center or telephony manager, this is a crucial element in choosing a supplier. While many integrators can design and install a large system, when it comes to quickly getting a system and the users up to speed, experience is the one differentiator many suppliers can’t bring to the table.

What do enterprise telephony suppliers bring to customers? How do you quickly and reliably qualify an enterprise telephony supplier? Tikal’s answer is divided into these areas:

  • Design experience: many years of design, deployment and maintenance of large installations. System design translates into knowing what hardware is needed to enable reliable capacity, top of the line suppliers (servers, storage, networking, connectivity, handsets) and installation planning experience.
  • Deployment skills: how is your organization, Tikal’s integration technicians, outsourced installers bring up your system. Switch over or added feature installation (connect with legacy telephony systems).
  • Complete system experience: Tikal networks integrates complete systems with experience in hardware and software. From high-end servers and interface cards, to IP handsets and soft phones. From connection to legacy systems or IP networks and even traditional PSTN trunks.
  • Innovation in technology: with innovations coming out everyday, suppliers must meet market needs. In the call center technology field, Tikal offers a usable product with high reliability. Together with new features and integration of new applications, this gives customers a way to compete.
  • Flexibility in feature design: every business needs specific features. Every team has their own needs. Tikal Networks is familiar with configuring systems for each

Overall, enterprise product design, installation, support and maintenance is a specialty field. Without experience in the field, companies that really need enterprise reliability, scale and flexibility will not get all the benefits of an experienced supplier like Tikal Networks. Call our technical or sales people and get started in the process of understanding and benefiting from today’s enterprise telephony products.


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