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Calling All Resellers and Integrators


Tikal Networks™ is on the hunt. We are looking for resellers, integrators and IT suppliers. If you have telephony or Asterisk™ experience, we have some great products for you to sell. If you are an IT integrator, we have a great new business to complement your current work. After eight years of direct customer integration experience, we have a line of products that we feel is superior to most suppliers. Our experience is from medium to large corporate and government installations. Crystal Call Center is an all-in-one product which brings ease of use, feature rich, high reliability and mission critical proven features. Crystal Clear IP-PBX is an easy to install, configure and run mission critical enterprise IP-PBX based on Asterisk™ open source telephony server.

Tikal Networks is offering a mission critical proven Asterisk applications to resellers and integrators

Tikal Networks is offering a mission critical proven Asterisk applications to resellers and integrators

Tikal Networks™ regularly wins medium and large IP telephony contracts in North America, Europe and Asia. Our design, installation and configuration experience is a crucial success factor in deployments. We offer corporate telephony managers a solution that is both flexible and economic. Our Crystal Call Center and Crystal Clear IP-PBX customers benefit from advances in mainstream Asterisk platform and in IT hardware reliability (and low-cost). Our experience runs from products and processes all the way to customer requirements. We also keep an eye at the market and our competitors and make sure we are the highest value supplier. In addition to all the design, integration and deployment experience, Tikal Networks has made installation of our products as simple as possible. This gives resellers and integrators an advantage over their competitors.

Tikal Networks Reseller Program

The reseller and integrator program offers all of our products with an integrator 24/7 support. We offer design consultation and review so you can quote competitively. We will also go through a complete installation and configuration demo before you need to actually do a customer deployment. We encourage technical staff to go through our products, they can all be downloaded for a 30 day test period. We also encourage our resellers to run the systems in their own test labs and in strategic customers and partners and to see real live operation of the products. Tikal Networks can also recommend hardware components and with issues related to standard IT programs integration (CRM, sales management).

Tikal Networks Product Advantage: Customer Experience

One of the most crucial selling point to enterprise customers is a proven customer experience. Tikal Networks brings to resellers a strong client experience portfolio. Crystal Clear IP-PBX and Crystal Call Center are running mission critical operations in hundreds of centers. The products are installed in corporations and government agencies spread over wide areas. We also have experience with expansion and upgrade cases where a call centers expanded into a complete corporate telephony systems. In addition, we have experience with mission critical 24/7 telephony operations where our equipment and support assures reliable operation regardless of any type of failure. All this experience is available for a reseller to win the most demanding customers. We believe in our ability to help experienced resellers and integrators is our unique advantage.


9 Responses to “Calling All Resellers and Integrators”

  1. Hello, I wonder how we can become distributors of your products. We are software developers and integrators of Asterisk. We are interested to hear your proposal for resellers. Can you send me a price list of your products?
    We use the Crystal Recording Interface, and we are very happy with his functionality. We want to sell the call center application.
    Thank you in advance.
    best regards,

    • Hola Gaston, we will contact you directly. In general, we are expanding the information for resellers and just started working on promoting our reseller program. Our resellers have good experience with our products and seem to be able to support enterprise customers with our product line. In general, our products cover enough enterprise needs to support most customers. Thanks for you interest and keep on reading the blog.

      • Tikal
      • Reply
  2. You have really interesting blog, keep up posting such informative posts!

    • Thank you we will do our best to bring and share with all our know how and thoughts.

  3. Hi
    Our company Sells Asterisk based Products and Solutions in IRAN . I want to know how can we use your products such as Call Center . Please send me information’s on your reseller program . thanks

    • Hi Omid,

      Thank you for expressing interest in our product and service. Can you please send me your web site address and more about your business?

      Thank you’

      • Tikal
      • Reply
  4. Hi Gaston:
    I am also wondering how we can become distributors of your products. we are telecommunications and systems integrators in Ecuador. Can you please send me a price list of your products and more details of your services?

    Thank you in advance.
    best regards,

    • Gonzalo Ponce
    • Reply
    • Hi Gonzalo,

      Can you please send me your web site address? I would like to learn more about your business.
      Thank you

      • Tikal
      • Reply
  5. Hi there,

    I would like to have information on how to become a distributor of your products. We are telecommunications service providers in Australia.

    Can you please send us your wholesale A2Z price list, details on your product portfolio and more details of your services?

    Thank you!

    Best wishes


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