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A Complete Telephony System (based on Asterisk™)

Is your telephone system harks back to the old payphone?

Is your telephone system harks back to the old payphone?

The availability of open source platforms like Asterisk™, PHP and Linux gives business (and IT) managers the impression of a complete system in software. In most cases, especially in Asterisk telephony, the software server is just one part of a complete solution. Tikal Networks delivers complete systems including hardware and integration with legacy (analog) systems. This capability makes a complete telephony system with better design, better performance and easier operation. A complete system also delivers a better overall solution to each customer through flexibility in design and operation. By delivering a complete system from design, installation, configuration and maintenance, customers can request the exact features most crucial in their everyday work. They can also improve and upgrade the system with new features and increase in capacity at any time.

Software Components:

A telephony software element is made up of a “platform” and additional component. Tikal Networks™ uses the Asterisk™ software platform. Asterisk it he most used and most reliable telephony platform today. It is also an open source solution giving developers complete visibility of how the system operates. Tikal Networks is a core Asterisk developer. Our developers give our systems ability to add and modify core system features. We also develop complete application, like the Crystal Call Center application. Finally, Tikal Networks integrators are adept at adding features and applications from a wide universe of Asterisk applications. This gives us flexibility in design beyond most integrators and developers.

Hardware Components:

A telephony hardware element is made up of a servers, networking switches, storage, interface cards and power supplies. Hardware components operation are crucial to the reliability of a system. Experience in hardware selection and operation can make the difference between a well running enterprise system and one that is hard to maintain. When designing a hardware system, there are reliability and performance techniques used to assure system operation. Techniques like high-availability, redundancy and continuous monitoring are standard hardware system methods. Specific knowledge of suppliers and how to configure hardware components is key to Tikal Networks’s value added service. Tikal Networks established relationships with hardware vendors to deliver complete hardware systems. Integrating and configuring hardware components comes from years of experience with hundreds of server and networking components. Tikal assembles and tests systems in it’s own test labs before delivery to customers in the field. This assures smooth installation and configuration of the system when installed.

Operational Components:

Call centers and PBXs come to life in their operation. After all, the best design and equipment are only useful when in operation. Operating a call center or an enterprise IP-PBX can be a complicated task. Yet, with the PC, phone and networking technologies we use everyday, we know how advanced technology can be made easy to use. Tikal Networks has taken on the job of simplifying the work of running and managing telephony systems. The company’s approach is to make every role simple enough that no extensive training is needed. For call center agents, supervisors and managers, all the tasks are done without any formal training. Installation and configuration, a core IT technical role, is also something Tikal Networks has made simple. Installation does not have to be an advanced technical task. Just like you can install a Windows operating system by yourself, you should be able to install and configure a call center. Take a look at Tikal Networks’s operational component to see how you can run and manage your own system without advanced training.

Maintenance and Upgrade Components:

One of the most useful aspect of today’s technology is your ability to maintain and upgrade your system. The most useful feature in IP-PBX and call center installation is adding features and fixing issues as quickly as possible. In terms of business operation, each manager need the ability to add features, monitor his work and report to people on what is going on with customer related communication. This is what Asterisk as a platform has delivered. Asterisk is one of the most unique application in the telephony world and in the business world as a whole. This ability to improve and extend Asterisk is what Tikal Networks has developed with its customers. It takes both supplier and customer to do more with technology. The story of the maintenance and up-gradable features with customers will be told here. So as they use to say on the radio “stay tuned and come back soon”.


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