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We are starting to hear from many resellers and integrators. (go to full view to see the PDF, download directly HERE) The first look at a new product, like Crystal Call Center or Crystal Clear IP-PBX, opens up many questions. The most crucial question we think you need to answer is: “Will I be able to sell and deploy your systems as easily as Tikal Networks is doing it now?” It is a question that you need to explore in detail. One crucial element in answering this question, is how do you interact with your local market. The questionnaire here is intended to give you a start. If you are an experience integrator or reseller, take a look at your customers. Are they a good candidate for the systems? What kind of support do they need? Can you sell to smaller “departments” or “sites” before going to the main telephony project for the whole company? Becoming an enterprise reseller is not magic, it takes work and focus. Growing your market and gaining bigger customers is not magic, companies do it all the time. We believe in most resellers’ ability to grow both in the size of each project and the number of projects.

What Tikal Networks brings with great products is real business experience. Experience you can not find with products which are designed purely by software developers. Today’s reseller and integrator needs to deal with real world situations. They need to deal with the difficulty companies face both technically and in operationally. There are budgetary hurdles and political complexity in each customer site. There are competitive issues, especially from large companies with purpose built systems. We face the Ciscos and Avayas of the world every day. We still win strategic customers based on our experience and the products. All of these are areas you can tap into Tikal Networks for advice.

Once you go through the survey, give us a call. We can start out with a technical discussion and show you how quickly and easily our installation and configuration takes. We can go over case studies and the kind of customers we find easy to sell into. We can go over marketing and sales techniques. We can work on real deployments on the first few customers, this will give you a real exposure to our systems and how we get them up and going. These are just some options: what is your driving issue to sell VoIP?


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