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Tikal’s Cloud based Call Center solutions


Tikal’s Hosted Call Center reduces your costs with a fully functional Call Center.
Enjoy all of the advanced features of our Crystal Call Center just without hardware

"Hosted Services"

Advantages of Cloud based Call Center:

  • 99.9% availability and quick up-time installation
  • Cuts the need of purchasing and maintaining a costly call center, call recording, call routing and complex telephony systems
  • Enables adding/subtracting extensions according to your needs on a monthly basis
  • Offers limitless inbound/outbound calls without additional phone lines
  • Reduces costs of calls and the monthly fee for unused phone lines
  • Enables remote call centers/agents. Each remote agent is connected through landlines, mobile or IP phone.
  • Operates multiple outbound and auto dialer campaigns using one or more lists, with robust contact filtering and dialing parameters.

More and more businesses are considering the hosted call center model due to: costs, scalability, features and applications, resiliency and recovery, ease of administration, the level of ongoing support, and the selection of end user devices.

Today, in the challenging economic environment businesses are finding that a fixed-rate (pay-as-you-go), quick deployed hosted solution is appealing.
The hosted market is maturing quickly, and where business opportunities meet new technology, Tikal is there at your service!

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