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Integrator Sales Strategy: Low Hanging Fruit

There are many sales strategies, some targeted at building steady order flow, some to bring in orders quickly. The "Low Hanging Fruit" strategy is one to get at the easiest orders as quickly as possible. Like picking fruit in an orchard, you pick the easiest fruit (orders) first then go at ... Read More


Integrator’s Role in Advanced Enterprise Business Tools

Time after time I see how business executives need help in planning and deployment of their digital workflow. I am not talking about the latest cloud migration (or virtualization move) and how to use it in business communication. Or even the most basic integration of VoIP systems with CRM and BI applications as ... Read More


Is VoIP Taking a Snooze? No, Yes, Maybe?

If you do a Google search on "VoIP blogs" or "Asterisk blogs" you will end up with lots of blogs that stopped writing about VoIP in 2010. Some have been abandoned even in 2007 and 2008. Is Asterisk and VoIP as a technology over it's big glory days? Is this going to slow ... Read More


Sizing Your IP-PBX Deployment: When To Move Up

Today's Asterisk™ platform as an IP-PBX or call center, is targeted more towards medium size enterprise installations. On the low end, up to 50 extensions PBX installations (or 20 call agents), hosted solutions and integrated hardware systems serve the needs adequately. In the higher end, 1,000 extensions PBX and 200 call agents, large ... Read More


History Repeats Itself: Early Billing Challenges

You think that issues with fairness in billing is new to telephony? Think that you are the only one who considers the cost to benefit value of telephone service? You think that an up-to-date call center or PBX from a premium supplier is just too expensive? If the New York Times wrote the ... Read More


A Complete Telephony System (based on Asterisk™)

The availability of open source platforms like Asterisk™, PHP and Linux gives business (and IT) managers the impression of a complete system in software. In most cases, especially in Asterisk telephony, the software server is just one part of a complete solution. Tikal Networks delivers complete systems including hardware and ... Read More


Calling All Resellers and Integrators

Tikal Networks™ is on the hunt. We are looking for resellers, integrators and IT suppliers. If you have telephony or Asterisk™ experience, we have some great products for you to sell. If you are an IT integrator, we have a great new business to complement your current work. After eight years of direct customer ... Read More


Tikal’s Enterprise Asterisk – What Does It Mean?

Asterisk™ as a IP-PBX and telephony platform covers a wide range of uses. From small offices with a few extensions to companies with many locations and thousands of extensions. Asterisk™'s wide coverage gives rise to specialization in many areas. Tikal Networks™ specializes in enterprise deployments. Entry point for standard off-the-shelf PBX is 100 extensions. For ... Read More


Hello world!

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