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Case Study – Hadera Paper Grp.

Hadera Paper and Kimberly Clark, similar performance since 1985, Google Finance: Hadera Paper (NYSE: AIP in blue) Kimberly-Clark (NYSE: KMB in Red)

      Hadera Paper Group is Tikal Networks’s largest enterprise IP-PBX customer. The company is Israel’s Kimberly Clark a paper goods manufacturer. Hadera Paper Group has seven sites running Tikal’s Crystal Clear IP-PBX. The overall control and support comes from one central site. Each remote site has it’s own local hardware but no local technical staff is needed. This way, Hadera Paper’s central telephone IT staff can monitor and support remote employees yet save a great deal in local staff cost. Since Crystal Clear IP-PBX is a standard Ethernet networking system, each phone is simply connected to the network and is activated locally. Crystal Clear IP-PBX enable’s the IT staff to send telephone handsets anywhere globally and walk through the installation remotely. This means, a phone can be plugged into the wall, the PBX system connects and enables regular operation, and a user is up and running in minutes. The system today handles 1,200 extensions (handsets) at seven locations. The system also handles legacy purpose built hardware connectivity (in other sites and departments) in a completely transparent manner. (end of 2011 state)

      In addition to the simplicity of operating a large system, Hadera Paper uses advanced features enabling IT staff and managers to configure features on the fly. Configuration such as group membership, calling capability (blocked numbers, preferences to remote sites and outside lines), group lists (meeting / conference calls) and advanced call recording and archiving features are just a few of the hundreds of features an advanced IP-PBX can offer. Tikal’s experience with large enterprise VoIP systems is also reflected by the flexibility and capability of the Hadera Paper’s Crystal Clear IP-PBX operation. Each department supervisor and each user can customize their own handset configuration. Each department supervisor can connect a phone anywhere in the world (to their local department via a group profile) and have exactly the same configuration as a local user (all department members usually have the same configuration.) The system also supports different IP handsets so anywhere in the world a user can connect a different handset (not used in headquarters location) and enjoy most features configured locally. In addition to complete transparent global operation, any new feature required by supervisors, support agents or management, can be added at any time. Currently a trend of video phones and tagged recorded calls is spreading through the corporate landscape. When a video phone is connected anywhere in the system globally, video support is added and configured automatically. With complete configuration control over each user, every call can be recorded, monitored and archived. Any new feature that is available through an Asterisk application or a new Asterisk plug-in is also available at any time to any connected handset.

The service centric (Call Center) corporate mindset

      Although many companies base their core operations on manufacturing, technology or services, in today’s firecely competitive landscape, customer service is just as crucial. Hadera Paper Group certainly falls into this type of mind set. While the company certainly manufactures paper goods and operates factories and distribution centers on a global scale, keeping in contact with customers, from actual buyers, to shippers and distributors, is just as crucial as keeping up with product design. In today’s competitive landscape, customers who themselves find business competitive, need the most efficient communication format. Voice communication, both telephone calls and recorded messages are even more crucial than ever before. In addition, integrating voice systems with software applications like CRM and BI is also a crucial aspect of running a competitive customer support operation all across the enterprise. These are the most crucial factors companies come to Tikal Networks for practical and simple solutions. While giving a company a solid PBX and Call Center system, Tikal also has the resources and experience to integrate these systems with standard industry IT applications (CRM and BI.) These capabilities gives Tikal Networks the ability to offer a complete system, completely integrated, without relying of additional outside suppliers. We give enterprise customers the flexibility to tailor their IP-PBX system to any other existing or future deployed business application. Tikal Networks is truly an enterprise telephony supplier with experience and skills to support any enterprise business need.

Hadera Paper Group, a great example of large Crystal Clear IP-PBX deployment, ease of large corporate telephony operation, reduced cost and increase in feature. See site: www.hadera-paper.co.il/en

A real-time, global communication is the latest strategy shift

      Until a company starts using VoIP on a daily basis across the whole organization, a shift in global voice communication does not take hold. This shift, of completely transparent global voice communication on a daily basis, is truly a game changing strategy. Just as e-Mail has changed the way people communicate, so is VoIP changing again how we talk with even a more powerful communication shift. Not only do employees call anywhere in the world as if they were calling a local extension, features such as call back, voice mail, call recording, tagging and archiving phone calls enable communication on a higher level. Once a voice note or conversation is in the system, it is attached to CRM databases for a comprehensive customer status tracking. Keeping everyone in the organization in sync with each other, with any format in real-time is a truly strategic advantage. An example could be a remote site, in another country, with a “local” customer. The local sales team calls and arranges shipments, orders and payments on a daily basis. The factory at the home country works on getting orders into the factory, then updates schedules through product messages and finally gives shipment dates. In addition, there are changes due to shortages or unexpected (extra) availability of product (both oversupply and under-supply are problems in globally dispersed supply lines.) This occurs in cases of manufacturing overruns, order cancellation or simple mistakes. Changes in regular production runs are also a cause of supply availability changes. All these changes in product flow, orders and deliveries are crucial to keep a customer inventory on track and a production line full and profitable. With today’s communication fractured into e-Mail, web portals (for production status) and voice conversations (with outsiders), a VoIP system with features to connect all the pieces helps everyone. This is just one idea on how to use VoIP systems, from support and sales Call Centers to advanced IT connected IP-PBX. We will continue to write and demonstrate the usefulness of advanced VoIP systems. Keep on coming and please comment as you see ideas working in your operations and industry.

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