Tikal provides VoIP end-to-end business communication systems, including mission-critical telephony and contact centers, deployed either on-premises or as a cloud-based/SaaS model.

Tikal was founded by a group of Israeli high-tech professionals in 2004, and has sold and deployed communication systems to more than 250 companies, establishing a prestigious installed base. Tikal’s vision is to provide the highest quality of solutions in a very cost affordable manner and to be a one-stop-shop to satisfy an organization’s entire communication needs.

Tikal’s voice over IP (VoIP) systems and solutions, free customers from the burdens of outmoded, cumbersome and expensive systems. The flexible, scalable cloud and on-premises solutions combine ease of use and management simplicity with rigorous security, compliance and reliability.

Tikal Networks assembled a team with years of experience in scalable VoIP network design and integration. Tikal deployed installations around the globe, with customers in Israel, North America, Europe and Asia. The ability to deploy call centers and phone systems (IP-PBX) with remote management gives clients the ability to tap into global resources, giving companies the flexibility to change resources globally while managing them locally. It gives the ability to integrate phone communication on a scale and cost unprecedented.

Crystal Clear IP PBX is a comprehensive scalable telephony system, delivering reliable, feature-rich capabilities answering all of an organizations communication needs. Tikal is a premier enterprise IP-PBX supplier with large installation experience. Tikal’s Crystal Call Center is an enterprise level application capable of supporting mission critical support and sales contact centers. Tikal’s Crystal Call Center is one of the most capable and user-friendly call center solutions available.

Tikal Networks has a worldwide business partner’s network supporting high-quality VoIP solutions. Everything from single-port analog telephone adapters to servers, seamlessly integrated into client’s existing communication infrastructure or tailor-made to needs. Tikal’s professional services team, tailor make solutions for even the most discriminate customer.

Tikal supports you all the way! Its support team work 24/7, all year round to ensure your solutions are always up and running.

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