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Enterprise level experience:

Tikal Networks is focused on enterprise IP PBX, call centers and Asterisk applications installations. We offer reliability and scalability beyond most Asterisk IP-PBX suppliers. From early planning to full deployments to regular maintenance: we have been supplying enterprise IP-PBX since 2004. Tikal Networks has deployed over 200 systems with over 20,000 extensions. Our experience and expertise in IP PBX and call center technology enables out customers to focus on their operations while we take care of the technical side. You can be assured of working with an experienced supplier.

Innovative company:

Tikal Networks is a group of expert technology and operation professionals. Our background in Command and Control communication systems and advanced technology gives customers a strong industry and team capability. Over the last seven years, Tikal Networks had developed unique expertise in integrating Asterisk-based technologies into leading worldwide telephone and communication components for the VoIP market.

Team of experts with one mission:

Tikal Networks team brings decades of experience in configuring large and local VoIP networks. Our proven experience with installations in Israel and globally gives customers worldwide the capability of benefiting from Asterisk open source telephony.

Complete hardware system solution:

Tikal Networks can deliver a complete hardware system with servers, interface cards and IP handsets. Tikal Networks is an exclusive importer of Sangoma interface cards and Yealink IP handsets. We also partner with Grand Stream IP handset manufacturer. Tikal Networks sources all system hardware, configures and connects your system at our integration lab and ship you a complete and tested system. This assures first time system operation upon field installation.

Professional enterprise developers:

Tikal Networks is a professional enterprise software development company. Tikal Crystal ClearTM IP-PBX and Crystal Call CenterTM are enterprise ready products. Our products have been operating large enterprises in mission critical applications for years. Based on the Asterisk open source telephony platform, we offer flexible, scalable and reliable systems.

Specialization in Asterisk and telephony:

Tikal Networks specialized in Asterisk telephony systems. We install, customize and develop custom features for enterprise level PBX systems. Our focus is on enterprise installations: 100+ extensions, multi-site and global installations, secure connections and many additional features. Asterisk is the most popular open source telephony platform in use today.


Tikal Networks’ Asterisk mastery together with years of software development experience enable us to offer you a wide range of flexible solutions. From mid-size single location, to large multi-location installations; from call centers to secure encrypted connections we can shape a system to your needs. Tikal Networks can also add many additional management and operation features to any system you design.

We listen to you:

Tikal Networks is experienced in the crucial element of customizing your business communication needs. We realize how each customer’s needs affect their business. Our experience, from large corporations to secure government operations, gives us a unique capability to understand wide range of needs. We use our own in-house development capability with wide range of available resources to give you exactly what you need.

We accompany you:

Planning and configuring a complex PBX system takes more than just installation. Tikal Networks accompany each installation from the initial planning all the way to regular maintenance. Tikal Networks simplifies installation and configuration of your PBX system. We also makes sure your system operates at peak performance once you start using the system.

International experience:

Tikal Networks deploys multinational enterprise telephony systems. These systems connect branch offices to headquarters in one seamless installation. Each location globally is localized with language and business parameters. Each location has simple configuration and control with one central location able to monitor and maintain remote locations.

We offer complete solutions:

Tikal Networks Asterisk IP-PBX is a foundation to complete telephony solutions. Call center, secure encrypted connection and a wide range of other add-ons make for a complete solution. Finally, training and maintenance services help you manage it all.


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