Tikal Networks offers dependable, flexible and affordable VoIP telephony solutions to a range of enterprise needs. Tikal’s solutions are reliably deployed (installed and configured) by technicians all over the world. We offer resellers in the Asterisk™ community complete solutions with reliable tested customer base. To become a Tikal Networks reseller please contact us at: (please write: “Resellers” in the subject line.) Please describe your experience and the type of services you offer. We offer telephony and IT integrators a wide range of enterprise tested products, custom development, operational and maintenance services and hosting (public or private cloud) services.

Become a Tikal Networks reseller, build client loyalty and a steady revenue stream. Tikal’s business experience gives you and edge in finding, presenting and closing IP telephony contracts. We are looking for creative, energetic, capable people with technical or technology sales experience. Tikal Networks selects candidates we believe meet a set of qualities leading to a successful operation.

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