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Crystal Call Center ™ system delivers the benefits of large custom built call center systems at lower cost, higher value and increased feature flexibility. Tikal Systems’ Crystal Call Center™ is based on Asterisk™ open source platform. (see Asterisk description) Tikal Networks™ call center features a design with effective operation as a top priority. Crystal Call Center™ can be deployed as one complete call center solution, built on top of your existing Asterisk system or hosted by a third party supplier.

Tikal Networks™ has vast experience in Asterisk call center design, deployment and operation. The company deploys large international call centers supporting critical business operations. Tikal designed and deployed centers operate over 200 mission critical Asterisk™ systems with over 20,000 extensions (agents) as call centers and PBX. Tikal Networks’ extensive experience in building call centers gives you: a call center professional, an integrator and a business manager flexibility to specify your own unique custom solution. Call center technology based on Asterisk open source telephony platform delivers value, reliability, and flexibility. Our experienced professionals give you peace of mind with extensive technical and operational expertise. Finally, Tikal Networks’ Crystal Call Center™ is selected by most clients no only for value but for features and reliability.

Tikal Networks’ Asterisk call center system enables:

  • Call recording
  • Efficiency monitoring and reporting
  • Comprehensive call center activity statistics
  • Complete incoming and outgoing call activity reporting and real time control
  • Call distribution to remote call centers or agents (global distributed call center)

Crystal Call Center™ systems enables effective real time management of sales and service centers. The system enables monitoring and analysis of all call center operating parameters. Call center effectiveness, service representatives and call parameters can be analyzed and immediately acted upon to improve call center operation. The Crystal Call Center™ system handle both incoming, outgoing calls and blended incoming and outgoing calls.

In addition, at Tikal Networks™ we focused on ease of use in your custom configuration and operation. We enable call center managers to operate and manage a facility without extensive training and operation experience. All this while achieving superior operational quality and efficiency. We do not believe in creating call center experts, we give sales and support professionals the tools to do their job of selling and servicing your customers.

Crystal Call Center™ systems has a wide array of tools to enable call management and control in real time. Call management (quality monitoring, call recording, agent prioritization, call routing), increase or decrease of agents per queue, or agent per originating source, (active agents available) are easily managed with a few mouse clicks. In addition, managing overall system configuration such as greeting messages and IVR flows, on-hold music and many other parameters are monitored and controlled in real time. Crystal Call Center™ enables anyone to become a call center manager without extensive training or long experience ramp-up period.

Built-In Call Recordings

A key feature of Crystal Call Center™ system is integral call recording capability. Labeling and tagging a call recording for future analysis is an highly useful call center feature. Searches by agent, time and date, or incoming phone number is a simple intuitive operation. Calls can be replayed with a push of a button both by managers and agents. Call recording and playback interface is designed to be used by everyone, therefore the interface and recording attributes are simple.

Real Time monitoring, management and configuration

Two main tools are designed to enable call center managers to track and configure call center operations in real time:

  • Call queue management: which calls are routed to which queue
  • Support representative call routing: which calls are routed to individual agent

Monitoring all call activities and managing changes in real time is a crucial feature in improving call center performance. Crystal Call Center gives managers the ability to hear calls, see call statistics and change the system in routing and other operational parameters. Tikal’s extensive call center experience brings you knowledgeable professionals who can tailor your system as needed by your resources and business goals.

Individually customizable reporting

The Crystal Call Center™ system enables comprehensive reporting based on any parameter stored in your database. Managers can analyze, sort and display reports based on phone caller ID, agent ID, queue name, called number, call length, time and date or any other parameter. All reports are customized with a few mouse clicks, no need for advanced training or extensive experience. Reports can be exported in CVS format for use with Microsoft Excel, a database or any other software application on your personal computer or hosted web application (i.e. CRM/salesforce.com, documentation/Word/Excel and presentation/Power Point/PDF).

Agent effectiveness monitoring and reporting

Above all Crystal Call Center™ is an agent management business system. The system shows real time agent utilization, monitors activity and reports agent time utilization, time management and overall accomplishment.

CTI (Computer-Telephony Integration)

Enhance agent productivity with relevant real-time contact information and CRM application data. Tikal Networks’ Crystal Call Center™ is a fully integrable application. In addition to real-time customer information, reporting and analysis of operational data by management is a crucial call center management requirement. Reports can be exported in CVS format for use with Microsoft Excel, a database or any other software application on your personal computer or hosted web application (i.e. CRM/salesforce.com, documentation/Word/Excel and presentation/Power Point/PDF).

Integral IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

With complete and simple IVR programing, you enable customers self service and caller ID gathering. IVR programming can be changed in real-time for routing, prioritization and other crucial call parameter. With more accurate call information you can route to the best available agent, best fitting queue or other required action.

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