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Tikal Networks’s Crystal Call Center™ system has a large number of features. The system’s call center features are purpose built as a custom application on Asterisk communication platform. The basic Asterisk feature set is shown on the Crystal Call Center page here, and Crystal Call Center SaaS page here. Tikal Networks’s purpose built call center application approach has added many large deployment (management), reliability (software fail-over), remote site operation (management), phased deployment in large or complex deployment and more features. Tikal Networks continuously adds features to the Call Center package.

These features are part of every Crystal Call Center™ system and hosted / SaaS Call Center system. The number of features and additional application is large and grows continuously. When designing, configuring and operating your system, you do not need to trade-off system cost for performance or cost for reliability. Crystal Call Center gives you any kind of feature simply through added packages, configuration or integration. Features can be added at any time. Some features may need more computing, storage or network resources, these are easily configured. These can also be added at any future upgrade without complete system upgrade. Features which until now have only been available in large high-cost systems are now available to every user at low cost. In addition, small satellite operations which are connected to one main Tikal Networks Crystal Clear™ IP-PBX also enjoy the same feature rich operation. Global corporate locations are no longer relegated to less capable phone systems.

The list below provides a comprehensive Crystal Call Center™ features. Telephony terminology can be complex. Please contact Tikal Networks sales for more detailed explanations. This list is provided for design and specification purposes only.

Survey system – Automatic customer satisfaction survey report Powerful built-in system for quality feedback. [New Feature]
Automatic call Back to the caller phone Better results and less agent resources. [New Feature]
Built-in AutoDialer Assures minimum idle time and maximum call results by filtering fax/invalid/voicemail. [New Feature]
Agent computer screen recording consecutive recording or by demand Enable more intelligent recording results. Gives agent and supervisor better recording control. [New Feature]
Exceptions activity alerts to be defined by supervisor Better supervisor control over alerts. Enable more productive supervisor and agent workflow. [New Feature]
Incoming & Outgoing calls Both call modes as well as blended operation.
ACD, Agent can Logon to multiple queues Agent can support multiple products, type of callers or even different companies clients. (ACD: Automatic Call Distribution)
Supervisor can remotely login & log out Agent Full supervisor control of each agent system long-on status in real time.
Real Time statistic for the last or three hours Continuously updated statistics for each agent, queue, type of caller or any other tagged parameter.
Supervisor can intercept calls from the queue to his phone Take calls away from agent(s) for QA or other management function.
VIP callers can bypass the queue Caller prioritization in levels (classes).
Upload and set, Music on hold or Commercial messages Simple user control of music or messages. Real time control of music by supervisors.
Build in call recording system Consecutive recording or by demand.
Retrieve any recording Recording is tagged with: date; hour; agent ID; Caller ID.
Real time displays Many operational parameters are visible in real time: queues and active agents.
Full detailed reports queues and agents activity; daily, weekly, monthly. Reports can by export to Excel or CSV format.
Full call record Date and time queue name, Call source, Call termination status, Hold time until answered, Call duration, Link to call recording.
Find out your agents efficiency Crystal Call Center gives supervisors real time performance figures. Built in statistical analysis give supervisors view of most common parameters.
Agent toolbar Simple agent toolbar enables login/logout, displays the number of calls waiting in queue and can be customized with other display features.
CTI integrated in any CRM system CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) means complete integration of the Crystal Call Center to any IT application.
Unlimited scalability Call center size, performance and features is not limited by the software, hardware or network resources. Scale up by adding more servers, storage and network bandwidth.
Centralized control User friendly and one point of control features. Supervisor control is intuitive and efficient. No need to train supervisors in control operations.
No geographic limitations Agents and supervisors can be located anywhere globally. All connections to the Crystal Call Center server are via IP (Internet Protocol) network connections. Agents can be located remotely, at home or even at a customer site.
Chanspy (listen and whisper to the Agent) Monitor, motivate and train agents in real time. Tap into agent conversations and help them perform better.
Multi Language Crystal Call Center is available in many languages. Translation to new languages is also possible.
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