Trading (Forex), Gaming, Gambling Case Study

Trading (Forex), gaming and gambling platform companies created a new business model. Technology centric companies develop a “platform”, but do not provide direct services to end customers (i.e. traders, players.) This model evolved from the complex world of regulating trading and gambling on the internet in many countries. While some countries regulate trough financial rules (i.e. the ability to deposit into online account only with physical verification such as phone call or identity document copies), other countries regulate through licensing of companies with local physical presence. In general, most platform companies understand and adhere to each country’s rules. To resolve the gap between new technology of internet services and local rules, companies with the technology for a full fledged financial trading (i.e. equities, options or Forex), skill gaming and gambling need partners to get their sites running. Platform companies accomplished this by signing up local affiliates. These are business partners, which customize a platform to a specific location. Most customization is essentially translating from English to a local language and customizing trading to local stocks, tracking local sports teams and highlighting widely played games. To assure a good user experience, platform and affiliate companies also provide customer service, usually as a call center, with more in-depth support agents. This is where VoIP and globally distributed call centers come into play. Usually, when affiliates first start local trading and gaming, they do not have a the people with specific skills to support customers. They may not even have the skilled staff with basic technical support skills. In countries where services are new, customers may need more help than just getting started. They need encouragement and most of all specific trading tips to make money quickly. This is where voice wins over video and plain text by a huge margin.

Providing A Global Service Experience

Together with the business model of providing a platform for a trading site (including Forex trading), platform companies also provide customer support, marketing and operational support. Here is where Tikal Networks comes in with a solution designed specifically for platform and affiliate companies. In a recent installation of a distributed call center, Tikal provided a gaming company with a call center based in Bulgaria, the Philippines and Israel. These three call center sites, cover eastern Europe, Asia and the middle east. They also also provide services to western Europe and the Americas. This way, any affiliate partner can be supported anywhere in the world. While the company headquarters is in the UK, services for affiliates resides in many countries. In addition to the global reach of the system, Tikal Networks provided support to 1,000 users in a few weeks. Actual call center agents number 200 per site, yet the organization needed support to managers and support staff.
Another option for platform companies is the ability to link their call center with affiliate call centers. This advanced feature gives collaboration in real time to platform and affiliate workers. In the case of the recent platform company, there are over 25 affiliates with a broad range of operation experience. Each affiliate can link to the platform Tikal Networks Crystal Call Center with their own call center. They simply need Tikal Networks call center application. Even a hosted/cloud installation can be linked to the installed platform company’s call center, reducing initial installation cost to virtually zero. Tikal Networks’s deep experience gives companies with shared workload many different options based on real working experience. This reduces the risk of delays and assured customers of a well designed system.

Customizing the Support Experience

Once key operation requirements were met, Tikal Networks tackled the user related requirements. Crystal CTI (Computer-Telephony Interface) with a custom interface gives each agent and manager a view into each customer’s CRM record. This means a customer on the line is not just a name, her trading history and full interaction is visible. If any special offers related to the customer are in effect, the agent will see them as well. In addition to selling to customers, agents can also be switched to technical support tasks on the fly. While the system is looking for additional sales leads, an agent is not idle. He is simply switched to a different task therefore productivity stays up. Also, agents are not sitting around and their work counts and is rewarded. In recent installation, we see platform operators, increasing their agent efficiency by 160%. This efficiency translated to bottom line profits immediately. Installations in recent months show ROI of three to six months in sales oriented call centers. For more specific details, please contact Tikal Networks directly and we will discuss with you specific customer examples.

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