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Asterisk™ Applications

Tikal Networks™ supplies Enterprise telephony solutions to a range of corporate and government customers. Tikal’s solutions are Asterisk applicaitons. Our corporate solutions use industry standard hardware and software platforms (Asterisk™ open source, leading supplier servers and interface cards.) Tikal brings experienced operations and engineering resources to the dynamic technology field of IP telephony (IP: Internet Protocol.) Tikal’s creative applications give business managers flexibility beyond traditional telephony systems.

Tikal’s enterprise Asterisk solutions are:

  • Call Centers
  • Communication management (provisioning, legacy system upgrades and integration)
  • Call integrity
  • Security and system performance
  • Global location integration
  • Reliability and operational control (software and hardware redundancy and fail-over)

In addition, Tikal’s experienced integrators offer customizing services to enhance your business needs. Our added features and complete telephony applications development give each user the ability to streamline communication operations, integrate telephony with industry standard tools (CRM, ERP, sales management and automation) and simply give you a distinct competitive advantage.

Tikal Networks’s Crystal Clear IP-PBX is our base platform. Based on the open source Asterisk™ platform, Tikal Networks is a core integrator and developer. Our unique core development experience enables us to offer key enterprise features. For example, reliability and availability are unique performance requirements in enterprise deployments. Tikal Networks’s automatic software and hardware recovery features assure true enterprise level operational ability (similar to traditional telecom carrier grade requirements). With these reliability and availability features, Tikal Networks also extends operational reliability to file, message and integration synchronization across sites around the globe.

Tikal Networks’s Crystal Call Center™ is the cornerstone of the company’s technology and operational ability. Tikal, an early developer of a call center application, realized quickly the potential to extend traditional call center ability into the larger enterprise organization. Organizations basing their core operations on customer services: hospitals, hotels, sales and distribution, government and alike need a telephony solutions with call center features. Tikal Networks’s™ system design flexibility gives these organizations the ability to integrate traditional PBX with customer care features. These include all the call center features from CRM integration to call recording. Additional feature requirements are Tikal’s specialty. This is where enterprise organizations can really benefit in today’s telephony design.

The trend of Asterisk™ IP-PBX and advanced applications adoption in enterprises is an expression of a new trend in telephony system design. Telephony system designers are using customization and flexibility commonly used in the information technology field (IT). This trend is shaped by large standard platforms used as a customization platform. For each corporate environment a base platform is customized to specific needs of a particular user base. Asterisk™ is the most trusted telephony platform today, reflecting a de facto industry standard and fast VoIP adoption. Enterprises also choose Asterisk™ for pure application capability. Asterisk simply can do the job and do it better and more economically than any other solution. These technical drivers combine with the business needs of time to market, proven operation track record and high value contribute to Asterisk’s adoption. Tikal Networks™ provides customers these combination of enterprise driven needs and small technology savvy integration teams. The company consistently delivers solutions beyond customer expectations with world-class professional service level.

Asterisk™ is the most popular open source VoIP platform. It boast the most extensive applications and the most use in custom telephony solutions. Today, there are a range of integration, design and operation solutions for enterprises looking at Asterisk™ products. Together with hybrid integration of VoIP with legacy systems, Asterisk™ often becomes the best choice for enterprise organizations. Tikal Networks’s™ experience in designing enterprise level systems comes from years of experience in development and operation. Starting with call center development, Tikal’s engineers quickly realized the benefits of IP-PBX, secure communication (encryption), management features, operation stability and high value solutions. Going beyond the pure technology and operation needs of its customers, Tikal Networks™ consistently delivers creative business driven solutions. These encompass creative features, practical wide range “ease of use” to many users and useful maintenance through hosted and managed operation formats. Tikal Networks™ realized the need for NOC (Network Operations Center) (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Network_operations_center ) for large enterprise operations. We offer NOC services for a range of enterprise deployments. Tiakl also offers true 24/7 technical support, an essential service for any global enterprise telephony operation. Tikal’s enterprise experience is reflects in its customer successes (see customer successes – link to customer page) and long-standing relationships with large call center and IP-PBX customers. Our goal is to offer enterprises with flexibility to design and run any installation in the way most fitting their people and business goals.

Enterprise Asterisk for technology requirements

Enterprise telephony needs are driven by business environments, market forces and company work styles. Tikal Networks™ started with large enterprises call center solutions. Call centers were a strategic success factor to many service oriented companies. From call centers, the company expanded to a range of telephony solutions from integrating global satellite offices to provisioning and encryption features. The solutions provided early on were shaped to keep up with the fast developments in IP telephony technology (Asterisk and other technologies). Today Tikal Networks continues to supply the latest IP telephony technology to enterprises. We assure enterprises the ability to deliver a technology advantage within the constraints of resources, budgets and staff ability.

Enterprise Asterisk for application flexibility

With a strong technology ability, Tikal realized the ability to tailor make solutions for each customer. Flexibility in complex telephony system quickly proved a strong sustainable advantage to Tikal’s customers. The word spread in the hospital and health service, call center outsourcing, manufacturing, sales and marketing, and technical support some market sectors; and the rest is history. Today Tikal provides tailor-made solutions in many market segments. This experience gives Tikal engineers the confidence to tackle any new enterprise design. From call centers, to IP-PBX in the hundreds to thousands, to special global integration.

Enterprise Asterisk for business time to market requirements

Tikal Networks’s™ standard Asterisk™ platform means a fast design and deployment. It also means shorter development cycles. Adding features to existing applications is a matter of weeks not months. Complete new applications are developed from existing Asterisk™ applications by extending or modifying their basic operation. Integration with standard or custom interfaces is a matter of modifying existing interface applications. With experience in many specific sectors, it also means borrowing existing features to address new requirements. For existing markets, Tikal can offer solutions in weeks. Solutions proven in government departments, hospitals, manufacturing, financial institutions, retail / chain shops and business services (call centers, telemarketing, technical support).

Enterprise Asterisk for proven operation requirements

Large enterprise installations require proven operational standards. Tikal offers both software and hardware reliability features beyond most standard Asterisk suppliers. Enterprise organizations also need operational simplicity and shared management features. Here Tikal is continuously improving interfaces, integration with standard enterprise applications (CRM, ERP, IT frameworks, BSM, DBMS). In the design phases, Tikal takes deployment, legacy management and expansion as a crucial element in the overall system specification. Large enterprises also need fast phased deployments. Here Tikal designs and tests system components before deployments in the field. System setup is performed in off-times (weekends or holidays) with small impact on daily operations. Systems are deployed in phases and brought on-line in a controlled process. At Tikal we take enterprise design and deployment as a crucial element in our work.

Enterprise Asterisk as a high value business solution

Enterprise deployments need high value solutions. In today’s fiercely competitive world, total cost of ownership (TCO) is crucial to any deployment. Costs and results are what Tikal can offer customers. Tikal’s approach comes from years of experience in designing and improving systems. It also comes from seeing hundreds of deployments and using a range of real live working examples. This unique position gives Tikal engineers a distinct advantage in analyzing situations quickly and offering solutions already tested in real live operations.

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