Crystal Provisioning

Crystal Provisioning – The way to: deploy, configure and manage any sip phones.

Save Time and Money

Plug in the phone and the Crystal Provisioning will auto set the phone with your company profile.
Crystal Provisioning features:

  • Crystal Provisioning auto scans the network for new phones. Crystal Provisioning displays the phones details:
      >   Extensions status (BLF)
      >   Phone name and model and fabricator
      >   Phone Mac address
      >   Phone firmware version
      >   Subscriber name.
      >   Phone IP address
  • Configure all your phones from one single interface.
  • Manage multiply company’s (different phone configuration for every company/department)
  • Manage Single Phone book and up load the list to any phone model or fabricator.
  • Mange List of your company PBX extensions and their register status
  • Crystal Provisioning will alert concerning IP address conflicts
  • Remote phone reboot
  • Direct phone admin interface from Crystal Provisioning
  • Phone BLF and Speed dial DTMF configuration (coming soon)

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