Security & Encryption

The Security Problem: A Real Threat

Telephone communication is an indispensable part of today’s government, military and business organizations. These organizations increasingly rely on communications to share mission critical information. Yet, as the reliance on the communication grows, so does the value of the information. VoIP telephony relies on the Internet to transmit phone calls. This may mean that your phone calls pass through open system which can be tapped by someone. When phone connections are not protected This creates a significant threat to the enterprise, making critical information vulnerable.

The telephone is probably the most often tapped means of communication in the world. When you talk with someone on the phone, the confidentiality of the information you communicate is not guaranteed. You can consistently eliminate this information risk by using end-to-end encryption (i.e. from phone set to phone set) with CrypTone from Tikal Networks.

The Solution

The confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of your data and information has to be guaranteed at all times. This is especially true if you send calls using VoIP. Tikal Networks has the solution.

CrypTone™ is a state-of-the-art IP Phone system for individuals and organizations who are concerned about the security of voice communications using the evolving Voice Over IP (VOIP) technology. Using CrypTone™ alleviates the risk of calls being intercepted and eavesdropped (man in the middle).

Effectively eliminating the chance of a third party eavesdropping on the conversation, CrypTone™ allow two parties to conduct secure voice conversations, in real-time, over existing IP networks.

CrypTone™ encrypts the phone call in both directions, end-to-end, to Military Grade encryption standards and beyond. The CrypTone technology is based on published and well researched algorithms for both encryption and voice processing. It uses very long keys, resulting in a product that provides peace of mind today and in the future.

CrypTone™ was specially designed to utilize the VPN technology in order to provide an effective way to secure VoIP calls. It is an advanced IP telephony system for individual, corporate, business and governmental VoIP communications. With sophisticated design, versatile features supported to call service and expansion of capability, it increases productivity and gains better investment return.

What may at first sound highly technical is in fact very easy to use: IP VPN Encryption uses public or private networks as means of transport, but all the while the data and voice communication (VoIP) are being transmitted, this function keeps them absolutely unreadable, inaccessible and free of attack for anyone trying to read along or eavesdrop.

Who is CrypTone™ for?

CrypTone™ is for individuals and bodies corporate who are concerned about the security of voice communications using VoIP telephony. Using CrypTone alleviates the risk of calls being intercepted and eavesdropped (man in the middle).

Some of the key sectors we have identified which would benefit from secure communications are:

  • Security & enforcement agencies
  • Government departments
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Corporate business and manufacturing community
  • Research and R&D industries
  • Stock and Trade exchanges
  • Legal and Accounting firms
  • Security conscious individuals
  • Applications requiring high level of security and verification

Note: CrypTone™ is a dual ended system, meaning that both parties must have a CrypTone device to permit secure communications.

Why is CrypTone™ Useful & Effective?

Why is CrypTone useful and important to the customer?

  • Easy operation and user interface – no security knowledge required by user.
  • Completely real-time, full-duplex operation. Works just like a regular phone.
  • The CrypTone can be configured to work in conjunction with the existing corporate PBX.
  • Automatic and immediate on-the-fly encryption of voice without any need for user interaction.
  • Allows a low cost solution for establishing secure, no-compromise encrypted communications between parties.
  • Completely alleviates risk of eavesdropping.
  • Allows peace of mind when discussing sensitive information.
  • Excellent voice quality – comparable to standard VOIP communication.

System Architecture

The above diagram illustrates a secured VoIP network. As long as the call is made within the encrypted network the call cannot be intercepted and eavesdropped. CrypTone™ utilizes a built-in encryption mechanism. The encryption mechanism verifies that only permitted CrypTone is authorized and capable to be connected to the specific encrypted network.

Due to the fact that the phone works just like a regular phone, in the event that the caller wish to conduct a “regular” phone call, he can always make an unencrypted call to the PSTN network.

The above diagram illustrates a Secured Cellular/VoIP network. The Cellular Encryption Gateway, seamlessly connects to the CrypTone PBX System, thus enabling secured calling between cellular phones and the CrypTone™.

The CrypTone™ can be configured to work in conjunction with the corporate PBX , completely transparent to the end user. The CrypTone can be programmed with a predefined list of telephone numbers or prefixes to which all calls originating from within the organization must be secured. Thus whenever a user dials any of the predefined numbers, the CrypTone will create a secure call between both parties.

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