Cloud Hosted Call Center in One Day


Cloud based VoIP systems are pushing the industry to adopt new standards. One key feature the VoIP sector is adopting is "almost immediate" service availability at ZERO CAPITAL EXPENSE. Tikal Networks now offers professional call centers (and enterprise corporate IT centers) one day installation and deployment of Crystal Call Center and Crystal Clear IP-PBX. The systems are installed on public or private cloud hosting. Tikal is working with Amazon EC2, IBM and privately hosting providers (both on premises IT centers and private hosted ones).

For experienced call center operators, setting up a small system and getting started in a day is crucial. Starting a new campaign, supporting a customer in a specific location, expanding existing workforce, deployment of a new location or any other need can be done without worry. For non-experienced operators, getting started without the initial capital expense is a godsend. For business managers, it's a solution to get started or test a possible campaign message without the fuss of getting resources from an ongoing operation. Essentially Tikal Networks has turned a technology shift into a strategic business advantage. Today's fiercely competitive service environment does not have to be a challenge when using the latest tools. Cloud based Tikal Networks system eliminates most technical IT and telephony complexity. Now business managers can get their campaigns going quickly and easily.

Closing the Sales Gap with Direct Phone Approach

Call Center managers and agents will attest to the effectiveness of closing sales with phone calls. This technique is especially effective today where the web and e-mail campaigns bring in hot leads. Now, when a marketing, sales or service manager runs a digital campaign, he can move to call center closing phase in a day. Tikal Networks works with both captured and publicly available call centers using this technique. Captured sales call centers are small teams of call center agents inside companies. They provide a range of call center services, from technical support to closing sales. Public call centers are companies providing the same skills to companies on a per lead or per closing sales basis. Both type of call center structure are used by leading companies. Some companies actually use both type of services depending on their resource availability and business needs. Public call center companies can be effective in first line of support **** resource. Once their agents are experienced in your product, they can be an excellent first tier support organization. Sales managers in a wide array of industries will affirm of the effectiveness of using internet tools to generate leads and voice call center techniques to close sales.

Advantage of One Day Call Center Deployment

One day call center deployment brings flexibility to start campaigns quickly. No need to budget and deploy call center agents and equipment ahead of time. It also enables quick expansion of a campaign without setting aside agent and hardware resources. In technical terms, this feature is referred to as "elasticity". Essentially, all resources are expandable on demand almost immediately in a cloud environment. This concept is easily understood, yet not in wide practice yet. The ability to move into a new market, change a product offer (i.e. price discount) or take advantage of a competitor's weakness is not practiced at a daily granularity level. Yet this is what today's call center cloud business model will bring to the market. Keep an eye not only to faster sales campaigns, but to companies which will benefit smart managers in a big way. With these winners, there are also losers. Just like adoption of call centers for a wide range of business applications changed the market landscape in the 1990s, so will VoIP cloud change the landscape once more.


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