Tikal Networks Adds Financial Services Call Center Features


Israel's Ministry of Finance is a dynamic, world class regulatory organization. Tikal Networks is adding a financial service feature set product to the standard Crystal Call Center. First time regulatory coverage in the financial services industry.

The financial sector is going through a dynamic shift in customer service requirements. One of the positive outcome of the ailing financial services sector is better regulation, more transparency and focus on excellent customer service. Customer service at a true top notch level, is not something the financial industry was concerned about, until now. This attitude is changing rapidly. Both regulators (i.e. government agencies) and financial services providers (i.e. mutual funds, insurance) are taking note and acting on the need for strong customer service capability. One way to see this change is in the guidance from the Israeli ministry of finance. Recently, the ministry in the form of a notice, issued guidelines on customer service requirements. The ministry has set waiting times for call center incoming calls as well as guidelines for call back times in case a call center can not answer a call immediately. This notice, to take affect a year from now (January 1, 2013) essentially assures all financial services (insurance, mutual funds, other savings funds) in giving timely and useful service via phone. Financial services, such as mutual funds and executive (optional) savings funds are growing rapidly in Israel. A strong economy and decades of growth in the middle class savings rate is driving a strong financial industry sector. Yet this growth seems to have come at the expense of customer service quality. Israeli government regulatory agencies, using mostly European standards with American experience, is keen to assure the local industry operates securely and effectively. This also goes for customer service standards. Until this ministry of finance notice, many financial services companies were not required to give full phone customer service as part of their standard operating procedures. With the recent decline in financial services confidence in Europe and the US, Israeli industry and government bodies are acting together to assure better outlook in the local market. In general, Israel is playing catch up with regard to effective customer service. This new guidance from the ministry of finance is seen as an opportunity to continue the ability of Israel's financial services industry to give world class level services. Phone service is now going to be a standard requirement to operate under Israeli regulation.

Tikal Networks is adding unique proprietary Call Center features to the financial services industry. The first feature, a key support and tracking capability, enables customers to receive call center recording directly to their personal mailbox. Once a call is made to the financial service call center, a copy of the recording is mailed as an attachment to the customer. This will ensure complete tracking of the call and a clear and simple transaction archive. With the popularity of audio format in both personal computers and cell phones, a clear recording file is a great way for people to keep records of their financial transactions. This will assure both client and company have an audio recording of every call. This feature will virtually eliminate issues of when a customer called and what was said and done. Now, neither side can complain of mistake in providing an explanation or a missed or erroneous transaction.

A second feature adds quality assurance capability in real time. Once a customer finishes the call, he is given the option to be transferred to auto quality survey, the survey results are displayed in real time. Customer experience, in a case of poor satisfaction, become an alert to Call Center manager. This will give managers the ability to address issues as they occur. In the past, quality feedback was requested at random, usually weeks or months after a customer made a call. These two features are developed and tested with current financial services companies using Tikal's Crystal Call Center product.

Tikal Networks's financial services feature set will be marketed as a purpose built package to companies in the financial services industry and banking. These features are designed with financial services customers. The targeting of specific needs in vertical industries is not a new concept at Tikal Networks. In the past, Tikal Networks added key features to call centers servicing customers on an outsource basis (companies without their own call center facility.) Tikal Networks will continue to offer industry specific capabilities to give each user base superior user experience. Tikal Networks as both an integrator and developer is uniquely positioned to offer a complete solution to customers with unique demands. This gives Tikal customers the advantage of easy to operate systems with strong competitive advantage. Our policy is to develop the best features for the most demanding situations without the need to master complex operating environments. Tikal also offers leading edge open source solutions which are easily integrated with any purpose built or proprietary application.


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