Integrator Sales Strategy: Low Hanging Fruit


There are many sales strategies, some targeted at building steady order flow, some to bring in orders quickly. The "Low Hanging Fruit" strategy is one to get at the easiest orders as quickly as possible. Like picking fruit in an orchard, you pick the easiest fruit (orders) first then go at the "higher hanging fruit". Just like picking fruit, there are customers and markets that need specialized equipment (ladders, buckets) and techniques to close a deal. Businesses facing difficulty that need cash quickly, a hot new product without much competition, changes in the marketplace (free telephony using VoIP) and other factors make this strategy effective. Most professional salesman, especially in the technology sector, do not like to admit to be proponents of this strategy. Complex products like IT systems, usually require strategy, creating value propositions and showing the products successfully in operation. In the case of the "low hanging fruit" sales strategy, all the more complex elements of showing value and solving a problem with a solution are completely unnecessary.

I see "low hanging fruit" sales people in VoIP and call center deals frequently. You would think that a new IP-PBX or call center system would be a strategic investment. But it is not so every time. To many medium and large installations, adding a few hundred extensions is an opportunity to change an old analogy system with a new one. Even if the installation covers a department or a building within a large site. The same goes with call center installations. Sometimes a sales campaign drives the purchase of a call center system. While the immediate need brings in the opportunity, the strategy follows later. Even in the best planned (corporate) organizations, long term strategy takes a back seat to immediate needs. VoIP resellers and integrators need to prioritize sales strategies like "low hanging fruit" high on their sales tasks list. This is how to take advantage of hot opportunities.Sales organizations sometimes

Once you start working in a "low hanging fruit" sales strategy, what do you need to keep it going? To take advantage of quick opportunities you need to establish yourself as a quick problem solver. That means, showing case studies where you came in and installed a system quickly. You also need to show enough flexibility to solve problems of all kind. That means integrating (connecting) with legacy analog and purpose built digital systems. It means integrating with call center related applications like CRM and BI. It means having people and resources to quickly spec and source the equipment. It also means making connections in the community to bring in any kind of skills that may be needed. Tikal Networks has been doing exactly this for the last eight years. For the last three years the work has been focused on rapid deployment in enterprise situations. Tikal's experience is one excellent reason to look at their Crystal Clear IP-PBX and Crystal Call Center products. They are truly "low hanging fruit" proven products. Can you afford not to grab at quick opportunities? If you are interested in more detail, contact Tikal Networks directly for a reseller kit.


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  1. In the field of Production Planning(PP),at Industrial Engineering studies, we call such a technique– LOT/SOT (Lowest/shortest operations time). In order to decide, which PP technique is better for a specific plant or branch of them, the IE usually runs a simulation, using GPSS or SIMULA. (

    Therefore, I think you should do the same in the field of marketing and sales.


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