We are Tikal Networks, an Israeli incorporated communication solution company, developing and selling advanced phone systems (PBX) and comprehensive call center solutions. Our solutions are installed either on the customers’ premises or provided via the Cloud as a SaaS (Software as a Service).

Tikal’s current flagship product is an advanced feature rich call center which delivers the benefits of large custom built call center systems, at a much lower cost to similar level systems. Tikal’s current product enables all sizes of contact centers to become advanced marketing and service centers.

Tikal’s current main market is in Israeli, and has proved the value of its proposition in this market where its advance technology and services have won over 250 customers with more than 20,000 users. We are currently expanding world-wide and look forward to build a relationship with you- your mission critical processes are what we do for a living.

Our support and development teams are based in our main offices near Tel-Aviv in Israel and we have sales representatives in the UK and USA.

We make great communication systems that are simple and intuitive to buy, implement and use, yet able to complete complex and demanding tasks.

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