Crystal Clear™ IP PBX is a comprehensive telephony system for enterprise corporate and government organizations. Tikal Networks delivers reliable feature rich capability of purpose built hardware using open source Asterisk server (WikiPedia/Asterisk) with off the shelf hardware. Tikal Networks is a premier enterprise IP-PBX supplier with large installation experience in over 200 facilities (encompassing over 20,000 phone extensions). Crystal Clear™ serves hundreds of companies in daily mission critical telephony operations. Tikal Networks’ reliable and scalable IP-PBX system uses a combination of hardware and software to achieve enterprise level demands. The company focuses on large to medium size deployments of 100 extensions and up.

Tikal Network's ™ Crystal IP-PBX, a mission critical enterprise solution

Tikal Network's ™ Crystal IP-PBX, a mission critical enterprise solution

Enterprise Capacity and Features:

The Crystal Clear™ IP PBX is designed specifically for large enterprises and governmental departments. The system is highly scalable with size points starting at 100, 500 and 2,000 extensions. It incorporates leading enterprise features and applications in addition to wide range of protocols and video (including SIP, MGCP and H.323.) Built on the Asterisk platform, Crystal Clear™ is also extendable to custom applications. Tikal Networks has the experience and ability to develop custom applications which are crucial to business and government operations. We welcome customers to contact Tikal Networks [info@tikal link] with your specific telephony requirement.

Crystal Clear™ can also integrate into any legacy hardware PBX system. This capability serves to extend your current installation, add features or bridge a legacy system to IP telephony world. This gives you reduce operational cost, free remote global location connections, many high end features and simple upgrade path. While keeping existing systems in operation.

Asterisk Based Enterprise IP PBX:

Crystal Clear™ IP PBX builds on the open source Asterisk platform with extended features and superior reliability (rapid fail-over recovery). Crystal Clear™ also adds many management capabilities and secure encrypted features beyond the base Asterisk design. Tikal Networks’ add-on applications are custom built to solve specific needs in enterprise organizations. In addition to these in-house developed applications, Tikal Networks also installs third party Asterisk applications. Finally, Tikal provides 24/7 support and operational services to assure complete mission critical operation with a global reach.

Ease of Use and Upgradeable

Crystal Clear™  as a base PBX system and with additional application is one of the easiest system to operate. This applies to users and administrators alike. In one system it integrates basic features like voicemail, automated attendant, conference calls, IVR (Interactive Voice Response) call recording and more. This makes Crystal Clear™ an easy choice for upgrades and extensions into legacy systems. Crystal Clear™  is also a simple system to install, configure and operate. Tikal Networks offers services to install systems globally. Tikal also operates a 24/7 NOC (Network Operating Center) to assure true mission critical operation anywhere in the world.

Reliable and Cost Effective

Tikal Networks installs and operates Crystal Clear™ on redundant high reliability hardware platforms. Crystal Clear™ is continuously tested on the latest available hardware. This gives operators the flexibility to upgrade hardware at any time without changing any configuration and operational parameters. The division of software from hardware dependency gives users good expandable use model as well as assured long term reliability without dependence on custom built hardware. Overall operational costs can be managed better without sacrificing future expansion. This is our answer to CAPEX management over the system’s long range.

Cloud Hosting and Virtual Servers

Tikal Networks also offers Crystal Clear™ as a hosted application as well as running on virtual machines (i.e. VMware, Xen, Virtual Box, Windows Virtual PC). This enables enterprise operations to virtualize PBX operations as well as host it on private or public clouds. Tikal Networks is continuously improving, testing and operating Crystal Clear™ on the latest hardware and IT frameworks. This assures your ability to continuously improve your telephony operation without the difficulty of planning for obsolescence.

Applications Add Additional Features

Crystal Clear™  offers many additional add-on features in the form of applications. These applications developed by Tikal Networks gives your operation capabilities beyond traditional PBX. Encrypted communication for sensitive government and corporate use is available as an add-on application. High-availability is another feature combining both hardware and software techniques. Provisioning is an application useful in call centers and large corporate installation where overall operational cost needs to be monitored and controlled. Based on standard interfaces of Asterisk, Crystal Clear PBX offers many additional high end features which can be added at future time.

Remote Operation and Global Reach

Tikal Networks Crystal Clear™ can be installed and operated as a software service. Tikal Networks offers a remote NOC (Network Operating Center) with monitoring and support services. Tikal Networks also offers service providers (integrators, ISPS, hosting) the capability to offer end customers a variety of services. Please contact Tikal Networks sales (sales@tikalnetworks.com) for operations and service provider details.

Tikal’s Networks global installation, integration, configuration and support experience enables us to offer global partners outsourcing, turnkey and collaboration services. Local telephony service companies can benefit from Tikal’s experience in installing standard IP PBX systems. Tikal Networks also offer global partners additional experience in areas such a call centers, global IP PBX integration, secure encrypted communication and 24/7 support.

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