IP-PBX Additional feature list

Tikal Networks’ Crystal Clear™ IP-PBX system has a large number of features. The system’s base features are a complete Asterisk set with additional Tikal Networks application features. The basic Asterisk feature set is shown on the asterisk.org site here. Tikal Networks’s enterprise approach has added many large deployment (management and provisioning), reliability (software fail-over), global site connectivity, phased deployment in large or complex deployment and more.

These features are part of every Crystal Clear IP-PBX™ system. The number of features and additional application is massive and grows continuously. When designing, configuring and operating your system, you do not have to trade-off system cost for performance or reliability. Features can be added at any future upgrades. Some features may need more computing, storage or network resources. These can also be added at any future upgrade. Features which until now have only been available in large high-cost systems are now available to every user at virtually no cost. In addition, small satellite operations which are connected to one main Tikal Networks Crystal Clear™ IP-PBX also enjoy the same feature rich operation. Global corporate locations are no longer relegated to less capable phone systems.

The list below provides an comprehensive Crystal Clear™ features (yet not exhaustive). Telephony terminology can be complex. Please contact Tikal Networks sales for more detailed explanations. This list is provided for design and specification purposes only.

Automated Attendant A system allows callers to be automatically transferred to a user’s extension without the intervention of a receptionist
Blind Transfer Ability to transfer a call to another extension without the need to wait for the other person to pick up.
Call Details Records A log of all calls made including: source no, destination no, call duration, date, time etc
Call Forward on Busy Calls are automatically forwarded to another extension or phone if the phone is busy.
Call Forward on No Answer Calls are automatically forwareded to another extension or phone if not answered after a defined number of rings.
Call Monitoring Allows a supervisor to listen in on a phone conversation.
Call Parking Allows a call to be ‘parked’ on a special extension and then picked up by a third party by dialing in to that extension.
Call Queueing Allows multiple calls to be placed in a queue and answered by the next available operator.
Call Recording Recording of a phone conversation for later playback.
Call Retrieval Page the correct person who then can pick up the call.
Call Routing Directs the call to the correct extension based on a Direct In Dial (DID) number.
Call Snooping Allows a supervisor to listen in on active calls across a group of phones.
Call Transfer Transfer a call to another extension.
Call Waiting Allows changing between two simultaneous calls.
Caller ID Displays the callers phone number on the phones screen.
Caller ID Blocking Block a call based on the callers phone number.
Caller ID on Call Waiting See the phone number of a second caller whilst talking to the first caller.
Conference Bridging Create a conference call between multiple parties at multiple locations using different phones. e.g. conference call a local extension, remote fixed line, mobile and VoIP connection all in one conference.
Database Store/Retrieval Store call information in a local database for later retrieval.
Database Integration Ability to access a database during a call to provide such information as a customers outstanding balance. e.g. Asterisk can whisper the callers balance or name in your ear just before putting the caller through.
Distinctive Ring Different rings based on caller id or selection the caller makes whilst interacting with the auto attendant.
Do not disturb Incoming calls are automatically routed to voicemail, reception or alternate extension.
Interactive Directory Listing Allows inbound calls to lookup a person extension by their name.
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Advanced system for call handling allows callers to navigate a menu system by dialing a number offered from a range of options. e.g. Please dial 1 for sales, 2 for admiin…
Allows for creation of systems such as making credit card payments, entering of timesheets….
Local and Remote Call Agents Staff can log onto the PBX from any phone using a login id allowing them to make and take calls as if they where in the office.
Music on Hold No external device required. Ships with a reasonable selection of tracks.
Music on transfer Music plays when transfering calls between extensions.
Privacy Manager If a remote callers ID is blocked the Privacy Manager prompts the call to manually enter their phone number which can then be used to check against a blacklist or whitelist. The call may then be blocked or let through as appropriate.
Remote Call Pickup Allows a call to be picked up at a remote location.
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