• Are Cloud-Based Call Centers the Next Hot Product for the SMB Market? (By Dan Baker)
    Good customer service is a strategic business lever. This is certainly the case in the telecom market. In many cases, the difference between the voice, messaging and data service is marginal, so high quality customer service becomes the edge for retaining existing customers and attracting new ones. read more
  • Here’s A Method That’s Helping POS VARs Keep Customers (by Mike Monocello)
    Imagine your current situation. You work your butt off to win a one-time hardware sale against local and virtual Internet competitors. Once the sale is complete, what’s really left to tie you to that customer? What’s going to prevent your customer from looking at all your competitors again the next time… read more
  • Tikal Networks Launches Contact Center on Demand Community on TMCnet (by TMCnet News)
    Tikal Networks is pleased to join forces with TMC, the leader of communications and technology media,” commented Alexander Argov, CEO at Tikal Networks. “TMCnet is known for providing valuable content, and we’re thrilled to sponsor this forum where people can learn more about telephony solutions… read more
  • What is Contact Center on Demand? (by Stefanie Mosca)
    The concept of being able to access information, business processes and platforms “on demand” has become an increasingly prevalent trend not only in the telecommunciations industry, but in our lives in general. For example, the demand for consumers to be able to access music, TV shows or movies where they want and when they want, regardless of the time or device they are using, continues to penetrate the industry thanks to platforms that provide an archive of on demand content… read more
  • Tikal Networks’ Crystal Call Center Promotes on Demand Contact Center Services (by Steve Anderson)
    A business’ call center is the primary point of contact between the business and its customer base, and as such, is vital to that business’ continued successful operation. Tikal Networks offers a wide variety of services designed to keep the call center operating at full potential, and thus provide the best chance at keeping a business up and running. These features are all readily found in Tikal’s Crystal… read more
  • Why the Contact Center on Demand Can Benefit Your Business (by Susan J. Campbell)
    The concept of technology on demand is a growing need for companies who specialize in solutions needed while on the go. For the typical brick and mortar company, however, on demand can mean the difference between loss in revenue and continued operations. For IBI Investments, access to the contact center on demand saved the business when fire threatened closure… read more
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