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SaaS Call Center (Hosted & Cloud)

SaaS crystal call center gives owners zero buy-in option

Crystal Call Center in SaaS operation is a proven solution for quick and flexible call centers. Tikal’s proven Crystal Call Center runs on public hosted cloud systems like Amazon EC2 and IBM cloud. Crystal Call Center SaaS also runs on private cloud systems inside corporate data centers. [Editor: CaaS (Communication as a Service) and IaaS (Infrustructure as a Service) are also standard terms used in IT for call center and IP-PBX services offered in hosted-cloud delivery model] Combining Tikal’s proven Crystal Call Center with new cloud technology gives call center managers a way to start sales campaigns in hours and expand the number of agents at any point in time. Hosted SaaS applications are popular with IT departments focused on service results. Tikal Networks is working with call centers with experience in the sales and service sectors shifting their focus from “hard wired” call centers to flexible experience driven capability.

How It Works

Crystal Call Center SaaS works as an application hosted on a cloud system. Tikal Networks usually installs and configures your call center “instance”. More capable IT departments can install and configure Crystal Call Center on their own. Each instance is a call center by itself and is completely independently run by the call center manager. Tikal Networks manages and monitors the call center core operation assuring the system is available and reliable. Call center agents and managers use the system with a standard IP phone and CTI interfaces. Call center operation is the same as a local installation. When a call center manager needs more agent stations, he can add them as needed. All configuration changes are available to managers and agents without any limitation. As more resources such as network bandwidth, storage capacity or computing units are needed, Tikal Networks technicians add them immediately. By monitoring resources on a regular basis, Tikal Networks assures resources are used as needed without wasting them (if less resources are needed, the amount is reduced.)

Benefits of SaaS

SaaS (Software as a Service) brings benefits to call center operators with a new use model. Call center owners do not need to license, buy or install software to benefit from it’s capability. They simply use the software, in this case, Tikal’s Call Center server. Tikal takes care of installation, configuration and resource allocation. By using a public cloud systems (i.e. Amazon EC2, IBM Cloud), Tikal benefits from the massive trend in providing computing and networking resources without buying hardware and managing data centers. The ability to benefit from this software model gives call center owners flexibility and very low cost initial start. Tikal essentially has taken out the complete cost of installing call center computing and networking equipment. Now, call center owners do not need to invest in hardware or software and can completely elliminate IT departments. This cost savings can be used to train agents, manage more carefully and even market or invest in call lists to reach more customers. Tikal Networks is enabling call center owners to benefit from industry wide investment and change in the way software is delivered and managed. Tikal’s constant delivery updating is one way call center owners benefit from industry wide trends like SaaS without the need to install and deliver call center software on their own.

Built-In Call Recordings

A key feature of Crystal Call Center™ SaaS system is integral call recording capability. Labeling and tagging a call recording for future analysis is an highly useful call center feature. Searches by agent, time and date, or incoming phone number is a simple intuitive operation. Calls can be replayed with a push of a button both by managers and agents. Call recording and playback interface is designed to be used by everyone, therefore the interface and recording attributes are simple.

Real Time monitoring, management and configuration

Two main tools are designed to enable call center managers to track and configure call center operations in real time:

  • Call queue management: which calls are routed to which queue
  • Support representative call routing: which calls are routed to individual agent

Monitoring all call activities and managing changes in real time is a crucial feature in improving call center performance. Crystal Call Center SaaS gives managers the ability to hear calls, see call statistics and change the system in routing and other operational parameters. Tikal’s extensive call center experience brings you knowledgeable professionals who can tailor your system as needed by your resources and business goals.

Individually customizable reporting

The Crystal Call Center™ SaaS system enables comprehensive reporting based on any parameter stored in your database. Managers can analyze, sort and display reports based on phone caller ID, agent ID, queue name, called number, call length, time and date or any other parameter. All reports are customized with a few mouse clicks, no need for advanced training or extensive experience. Reports can be exported in CVS format for use with Microsoft Excel, a database or any other software application on your personal computer or hosted web application (i.e. CRM / salesforce.com, documentation / Word / Excel and presentation / Power Point / PDF).

Agent effectiveness monitoring and reporting

Above all Crystal Call Center™ SaaS is an agent management business system. The system shows real time agent utilization, monitors activity and reports agent time utilization, time management and overall accomplishment.

CTI (Computer-Telephony Integration)

Enhance agent productivity with relevant real-time contact information and CRM application data. Tikal Networks’ Crystal Call Center™ SaaS is a fully integrable application. In addition to real-time customer information, reporting and analysis of operational data by management is a crucial call center management requirement. Reports can be exported in CVS format for use with Microsoft Excel, a database or any other software application on your personal computer or hosted web application (i.e. CRM / salesforce.com, documentation / Word / Excel and presentation / Power Point / PDF).

Integral IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

With complete and simple IVR programing, you enable customers self service and caller ID gathering. IVR programming can be changed in real-time for routing, prioritization and other crucial call parameter. With more accurate call information you can route to the best available agent, best fitting queue or other required action.

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