Tikal Networks’s support policy is 24/7 for all customers. Tikal’s approach is simple: enterprise telephony is a mission critical component in every company’s operation, we enable you to keep your operation running. Tikal also believes in smooth and professional operations regardless of the customer’s size or type of products. Regular telephony operations are critical for a company’s communication. So is a well running contact cents. The same applies for resource management, software updates and professional skill level of the technical staff. This comprehensive approach to support makes Tikal Networks a unique supplier in the Asterisk™ IP telephony market.

Tikal Networks’s supports customers with direct telephone calls, chat sessions and e-Mail messages. Tikal Networks keeps a support team 24/7 and supplements direct support with wiki on the site and wiki entries on a few popular VoIP wikis. We encourage system administrators and IT managers to contact Tikal support personal and build a working relationship with our staff. Besides solving critical issues in real-time, Tikal support policy also calls for continuous software updates, regular hardware upgrades and regular maintenance for all installed system components. We also encourage IT staff to learn about Tikal’s product and gain skills on a regular basis. This comprehensive support and best practices policy truly sets Tikal Networks apart from most VoIP open source telephony suppliers. Our approach comes from over eight years of experience with mission critical operations and a range of customers in many different business sectors.

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