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Cloud Hosted Call Center in One Day

Cloud based VoIP systems are pushing the industry to adopt new standards. One key feature the VoIP sector is adopting is "almost immediate" service availability at ZERO CAPITAL EXPENSE. Tikal Networks now offers professional call centers (and enterprise corporate IT centers) one day installation and deployment of Crystal Call Center and ... Read More


Integrating Call Centers with Digital Campaigns

Good sales practices are hard. They lead to market success and can keep a product alive. Yet, not only sales people have to sell. In today's fast changing world, many companies give sales tasks to more than just sales people. Products in niche markets or new comers to a crowded market, have ... Read More


Tikal Networks Adds Financial Services Call Center Features

The financial sector is going through a dynamic shift in customer service requirements. One of the positive outcome of the ailing financial services sector is better regulation, more transparency and focus on excellent customer service. Customer service at a true top notch level, is not something the financial industry was concerned about, until ... Read More


Linux and Open Source in VoIP (business perspective)

      Tikal Networks uses open source platforms. Tikal Networks's method fits in with a long trend in the software industry. A trend of developing software applications on top of open source platforms and benefiting from the open source revolution. This trend is about 15 to 25 years in ... Read More


Integrator Sales Strategy: Strategic Communication With Asterisk

Last week we presented the "Low Hanging Fruit" sales strategy. Go after the business that is ready right now. Another sales strategy is selling strategic on features. Executives want to upgrade their company operations using strategic capability. That could mean upgrading the tools they use to communicate and manage their ... Read More


Effective User Interface: Eight Years of Improvements

Tikal Networks started designing Crystal Call Center eight years ago. In the early days of Call Center deployment, user interface was not a key design concern. First, supervisors and executives simply wanted to manage as many agents using the free VoIP capability. Over the years, with hundreds (then thousands) of users, Tikal Network ... Read More


Integrator Sales Strategy: Low Hanging Fruit

There are many sales strategies, some targeted at building steady order flow, some to bring in orders quickly. The "Low Hanging Fruit" strategy is one to get at the easiest orders as quickly as possible. Like picking fruit in an orchard, you pick the easiest fruit (orders) first then go at ... Read More


Sizing Your IP-PBX Deployment: When To Move Up

Today's Asterisk™ platform as an IP-PBX or call center, is targeted more towards medium size enterprise installations. On the low end, up to 50 extensions PBX installations (or 20 call agents), hosted solutions and integrated hardware systems serve the needs adequately. In the higher end, 1,000 extensions PBX and 200 call agents, large ... Read More

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