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Integrating Call Centers with Digital Campaigns

Good sales practices are hard. They lead to market success and can keep a product alive. Yet, not only sales people have to sell. In today's fast changing world, many companies give sales tasks to more than just sales people. Products in niche markets or new comers to a crowded market, have ... Read More


Tikal Networks Adds Financial Services Call Center Features

The financial sector is going through a dynamic shift in customer service requirements. One of the positive outcome of the ailing financial services sector is better regulation, more transparency and focus on excellent customer service. Customer service at a true top notch level, is not something the financial industry was concerned about, until ... Read More


Is VoIP Taking a Snooze? No, Yes, Maybe?

If you do a Google search on "VoIP blogs" or "Asterisk blogs" you will end up with lots of blogs that stopped writing about VoIP in 2010. Some have been abandoned even in 2007 and 2008. Is Asterisk and VoIP as a technology over it's big glory days? Is this going to slow ... Read More


Hello world!

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