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Reseller Introduction Survey

We are starting to hear from many resellers and integrators. (go to full view to see the PDF, download directly HERE) The first look at a new product, like Crystal Call Center or Crystal Clear IP-PBX, opens up many questions. The most crucial question we think you need to answer is: "Will I be ... Read More


Integrator Sales Strategy: Strategic Communication With Asterisk

Last week we presented the "Low Hanging Fruit" sales strategy. Go after the business that is ready right now. Another sales strategy is selling strategic on features. Executives want to upgrade their company operations using strategic capability. That could mean upgrading the tools they use to communicate and manage their ... Read More


Integrator Sales Strategy: Low Hanging Fruit

There are many sales strategies, some targeted at building steady order flow, some to bring in orders quickly. The "Low Hanging Fruit" strategy is one to get at the easiest orders as quickly as possible. Like picking fruit in an orchard, you pick the easiest fruit (orders) first then go at ... Read More


Integrator’s Role in Advanced Enterprise Business Tools

Time after time I see how business executives need help in planning and deployment of their digital workflow. I am not talking about the latest cloud migration (or virtualization move) and how to use it in business communication. Or even the most basic integration of VoIP systems with CRM and BI applications as ... Read More


Calling All Resellers and Integrators

Tikal Networks™ is on the hunt. We are looking for resellers, integrators and IT suppliers. If you have telephony or Asterisk™ experience, we have some great products for you to sell. If you are an IT integrator, we have a great new business to complement your current work. After eight years of direct customer ... Read More

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